Residential Quote

Getting a quote is a simple process:

1) Fill in the Contact information in fields “Name”, “Email address”, “Phone number”, and “Address”

2) Determine what kind of windows you have?
For simplicity we have divided all windows into 4 categories:
A) Large Windows. This includes all standard windows: double hung, single hung, casement, etc. that are larger than a square yard. Most windows are of this kind.
B) Small windows. These are the same as A only smaller than 1 square yard.
C) Divided Windows: These are windows that have dividers on the outside of the pain, like to old style French Doors, etc.
D) Storm windows, this includes the storm windows that are taken off from outside and those taken off from inside.

3) Count how many of each window type you have and record in the appropriate box (e.g. “Large Exterior”, “Divided”, etc.)

4) Record the same number if you are wanting them cleaned on both sides in the appropriate box (e.g. 43 Large Exterior and 2 Divided doors also become 43 Large Interior and 2 Divided Interior, etc.)

5) Determine if any of the windows are really hard to clean or difficult to reach (need ladder on inside, lots of stuff in the way, etc.) and record in “Difficult to reach” fields. 

6) Count how many screens you want cleaned and record in the  “screens” field.

7) Record in appropriate field any other service you are interested in (skylight cleaning, power-washing, gutter clean out,)

8) Record any questions or additional information that would be helpful to know in “Notes” section.

9) Submit “Get an E-mail with your quote”

having a grid pattern on the outside of the glass
having a grid pattern on the outside of the glass
eg. requiring a ladder on the inside of the house
our normal service includes a general cleaning of these which removes about 75% of the dirt and debris